Arlo, 3 months - Maine Baby Photographer

Took a little time(about 10 minutes, the length of time my children will allow my attention to be diverted ;)) to capture my littlest love. He is 3 months old, and there are so many tiny details that I am attempting to capture. His furrowed brow, those sweet, deep baby blues, his absolutely precious smile. Time is flying by, he will be running amuck with his bigger siblings in the blink of an eye. I cried last night at the mere thought of this, as he was lying on my chest, fast asleep. 

“But the last one: the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after - oh, that's love by a different name. [He] is the babe you hold in your arms for an hour after [he's] gone to sleep. If you put [him] down in the crib, [he] might wake up changed and fly away. So instead you rock by the window, drinking the light from [his] skin, breathing [his] exhaled dreams. Your heart bays to the double crescent moons of closed lashes on [his] cheeks. [He's] the one you can't put down.”
― Barbara KingsolverThe Poisonwood Bible